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Reference Models and Circular Occurrences


Hi all,


This is my first time to this site, so forgive me if this has already been discussed. How can I use an assembly as a reference model within a subassembly?


In my case, I am building a hose assembly composed of two fittings, and a hose created with express route. I want to structure my model so that if the higher assembly changes, the hose assembly changes with it. I started a new assembly and pulled the higher assembly in as my reference and set occurrence properties so that the ref model should not appear in the higher assembly.


My problem is that this is causeing a cyclic attachment error. I understand why this happens, but I cant figure out how to overcome this. My sub assembly is dependent on its parent asssembly for shape and length, so I need to reference the parent in my sub assembly model. I have tried many different ways of overcoming this with no success.


Can someone please tell me how to propersly set up a reference model or point me in the right direction.








Re: Reference Models and Circular Occurrences

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In general, you need to work the other way around. CAD is a bottom up process no matter how it looks to people. YOu can make stuff look like it's top down, but CAD is very bottom up oriented.


You assembly is a function if it's part. Not the other way around.

Betreff: Reference Models and Circular Occurrences

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Hi @JonG




frist welcom to the SE community.


And second the first function You should tunr on is the Peer and Interpart  functionality in assembly




And see the foot note to press the Shift button for any interpart relation





Re: Reference Models and Circular Occurrences


@12GAGEI'm gonna have to disagree with you here. But not all the way. In reference to this question yes in this instance but really he's brought an assembly into a subassembly which cannot be in it. This subassembly is going into the higher level assembly, which cannot be since an assembly cannot contain itself. But solid edge was made for in context, top-down assembly as well as for bottom up. You just need to understand what in context assembly is all about so as not to end up with circular dependencies and cyclic redundancy errors.


Here's a good read on all of this. This pdf was made quite a few versions ago, but it is still pretty relevant to top down design.

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Re: Reference Models and Circular Occurrences

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The ST10 version of this self paced training can be found here:


Edit:  On the page opened by the above link there then is broken link to the PDF file (already known issue).  All other links on this page should work.  The actual ST10 PDF file for this can be found here: