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Re: Regarding Creating models in Synchronous Techonology

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Gears Esteemed Contributor

Hi @bshand



Good Night!


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Re: Regarding Creating models in Synchronous Techonology

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Gears Honored Contributor

I am glad Somnath took it in the right sense. I asked him to mark all relevant messages as solutions which he found to be useful to solve his query and he obliged. I am of the opinion that wherever applicable, more than one message should be marked as solution if they all lead to solving the posted query in part or full.


You were quite close Bruce. The language is Marathi which is my mother tongue but the script used is Devanagari which is also used in Hindi and Nepali languages. Hindi is more popular in India and understood by almost everyone. So you are not wrong in guessing that I wrote in Hindi. It appears same due to the common script but the grammar is different from Marathi. I am delighted you could recognize an Indian script Robot Very Happy


I could see messages coming in from this conversation but was driving all the while deep into the woods over the weekend until there was no internet access and the kids too kept me busy, so I was not live with you yesterday.


I too used Google translate to get my text in the Devanagari script but then noted that it won't translate back properly to English since it was a mix of two scripts in two languages which Google Translate cannot be expected to handle properly.


Typically second names ending in letter 'e' like in somnath's case or ending with 'kar' like my second name are an easy guess to be Marathi speaking people. It's easy to figure this out with most languages in India, hence I tried to reach out to Somnath in native.


But it should be noted that Indians do not prefer Solid Edge or any software in native language and further also prefer communicating in English. So this is a one-off case and I do not want to communicate with any one on this forum in a language other than English.


This is only my personal opinion or preference though. If someone advocates or prefers using any other language in this forum I have no comment to make on that Smiley Happy