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Reinstalling and upgrading Solid Edge 2D Drafting

I am having a problem reinstalling Solid Edge 2D Drafting. When I run SE 2D Drafting ST3, I get an error message: "System clock has been set back". I had version 102 installed and running fine prior to a computer issue where I had to install a new harddrive. When I went to reload version 102, I was sent to the registration site to renew the licesnse. At that point, I downloaded the license file and also upgraded to version 103. After installing version 103, I started having the issue. What can I do to fix the issue? Thanks!

Re: Reinstalling and upgrading Solid Edge 2D Drafting

The issue is that there are files and/or folders in your '\windows' system
folder that have their date set in the future.
We use a timed license in Solid Edge 2D Drafting.
Part of the license test is to check to see if the user may have rolled back
the system clock in an attempt to get around an expired license.
When I have seen this is usually when an update has been done that is not
Solid Edge related.
For some reason Update in some cases is throwing files doen that have future
You can find these files and/or folders by doing the following.
Make sure that no dates in these folders are ahead of the system clock.
Click on Start and then Run.
In the 'Open' field key in cmd.
This opens a command window.
key in 'cd c:\windows' without the qotes.
key in 'dir *.* /s >C:\WinDirectoryContent.txt' without the quotes.
Wait until you get the prompt back.
This will create a file called 'WinDirectiryContent.txt' at the 'c:\' root
key in 'c:\' without the quotes.
key in 'dir *.txt' without the quotes.
You should see a file 'WinDirectoryContent.txt'.
Make sure the text file is not empty once you finish the steps.
Rick B.

Re: Reinstalling and upgrading Solid Edge 2D Drafting

Rick, Thanks for your help. The file search located the problem files and has been fixed. We had used the system clock feature to look ahead in the calander, and during that time we had a Windows update occur; loading the corresponding update files with the incorrect date.