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Relocate origin


Dear users,


I have recently created an assembled model in my Solid Edge program and now I am going to create a technical drawing using this model as a base. However, assembling the model I must have done some easy mistake not placing the base of the model straight into the coordinate system, so now it is tilting and doesn't lie paralell or orthagonal do the coordinate systems axes. This makes my Top-Left-Right-views in the technical drawing to look 3-dimensional instead of 2-dimensional as they should be.


Is there any way to change the place of origo and by that straighten up the technical drawing, maintaining the relationship between the assembled bodies and an explosion view I have created? Previous help texts regarding this matter give me errors and isn't possible due to the destroyed relationship. They also seem to be more focused on moving the actual model instead of the origin.


Thanks for any help,


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Betreff: Relocate origin

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try to go to the "Properties of Instances" (RMB on Top entry of pathfinder


You should see, that the first object is fixed and the orientation must be changeable.

You might change the x,y,z coordinates and axis angle of them


If all further parts are connected only to the first master part this change should show an appropriate result in main views





Re: Relocate origin


You could also use "Section" in the model, and turn it on or off, if working with the 2D view doesn't work out.

Re: Relocate origin


Hi Carl,


I would use the steering wheel to reposition parts like shown in this demonstration of EdgePLM