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Remote install of maintenance pack

I have a cmd script that will install ST10 (I have 30+ installs to do)

MSIEXEC /i "\\path on server\Solid Edge\Solid Edge ST10.msi" MYTEMPLATE=1 USERFILESPECXML="\\Path\ST10\WUK Options ST10.xml" USERFILESPEC="\\Path\ST10\SELicense.dat" SETPDMCLIENT=1 INSTALLDIR="C:\Program Files\Solid Edge ST10" /qb+ /l*v "C:\temp\mysilentsetup.log"


Which works well,

I also want to install the latest maintenance pack which is also on the server

I’v tried

"\\ path on server \”Solid_Edge_MSI_MP8.exe /s /v” /qn /l*v %temp%\mysilentupdateMP.log”


But it just ignores it

Iv also tried putting the MP in the installation update folder but cat get that to work either.


Any suggestions?


Re: Remote install of maintenance pack

Gears Esteemed Contributor Gears Esteemed Contributor
Gears Esteemed Contributor

@stephen_gardner  I used your command string to install MP8 from my file server on my client machine using a CMD window opened as Administrator and it worked perfectly.  I assume you are also running this as Administrator?

Production: ST10 MP9, Testing: SE 2019

Re: Remote install of maintenance pack

Siemens Phenom Siemens Phenom
Siemens Phenom

Unless I am looking at it incorrectly, your syntax is wrong for maintenance pack install -- you have double quotes all in the wrong places…

As written you have this:


"G:\Software\Solid Edge\ST10\MP\1100008004\"Solid_Edge_MSI_MP8.exe /s /v" /qn /l*v %temp%\mysilentupdateMP.log"


You need this:


"G:\Software\Solid Edge\ST10\MP\1100008004\Solid_Edge_MSI_MP8.exe" /s /v" /qn /l*v %temp%\mysilentupdateMP.log"


Note the " before Solid_Edge_MSI_MP8.exe in your string -- it should be after not before this.

Re: Remote install of maintenance pack

Hi thanks


uk_dave I did try with the quotes in various places, should of mentioned that really, it seemed to think about it for a minutes or two then just end.


I found this to be a working solution:

start  /D"\\server\Software\SE ST10 64 E\Maintenance Packs\" /wait Solid_Edge_MSI_MP8.exe /i