Removing All Reference Files


Someone prior to myself loved reference files at my current employer (masters, Excel templates, etc). Over the years these have been copied, pasted, and looped. I would very much like to remove all reference files and pare my models down to one or two files. 


So my question is can I remove all reference files in some way that will not require me to draw my parts over from scratch?


I work on a team where only myself and a drafter touch these files. I've been pushing the drafter to make sure his documenation is clean and neat. It would be really hypocritical of me not to do the same, but I am struggling here.




Re: Removing All Reference Files

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Excel links are typically to variable table, so breaking the link would simply be deleting the reference.  The current applied value will remain.


Part Copies can be broken by going into the file that the Part Copy is placed in, editing the Part Copy and unchecking the "Lint to File" or by converting the Part Copy feature to Synchronous as it will break the link.  Thje body will remain "as is".



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Re: Removing All Reference Files

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dont forget to check the BINDER...  sometimes you will have files linked there...


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Re: Removing All Reference Files

Save as parasolid, and open again... Convert to synchronous if needed..

Or if part or sheetmetal, insert copy, but break link on import.. convert to synchronous if needed..

Both methods will give a clean new "2017" copy of the part... without all the links and stuf from the past...

Second method also keeps internal face names the same, so you can replace the old parts in assys without problems..

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