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Renewing of liscense

My free liscence is running out 31 march 2013.
I am told everytime to renew the liscense when I start SolidEdge ST4 free.
Now I have gone through the renewal procedure twice but I still get this message that I shall renew the liscense.
I now have two resulting mail in my box but no new liscense file.
I checked my liscense file and it still shows 31 march 2013 as the end of the liscense.
How do I get a new liscense file without installing SolidEdge ST5?

Re: Renewing of liscense

I now can answer it myself.
As always when you write down things, new ideas pops up.
I was not logged in as an administrator.
Thats why updating of liscense did not work.
Perhaps this note may remind others of this mistake