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What has happened to SE with the replace function? I keep getting messages to delete or surpress mates that were applied to the previous item that I created a copy from. In previous versions replacing parts, that were saved copies of the original, went straight into the model with mates still in place, now they all turn red and need re-applying. Does anyone else see this or is it just me and my pc?







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Do you have the latest maintanence pack?

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Maintenance Pack No8.


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FYI didn't mean to "me too"

When you replaced the original part,  did you modify the new part already or replace first and then make your modifications to the new part? 


If you made the modifications first to the new part and then replaced the original one in the assembly then depending on the modifications and mates,  it could end problematic. 

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Solid Edge should maintain faces on copied parts that are replaced if those faces are still there in the modified part ALSO it should be able to reconnect to faces that exist in the same spatial location as the replaced part.  That said, I have seen cases more frequently where constraints are lost with no logical reason.


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@Grundey I've never seen this issue before only now in ST7. The part is literally saved as with no modifications etc but when replaced in the assembly it looses all the mates so they have to then be re-applied. Obviously in past versions it was a straight swap out. I see you are on ST6, I cannot remember if you are given the dialogue box with the options to supress or delete mates when using replace part,