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Reset ST7 to clean installation ?


Hi To All,


I am new to SE and in self-pace training. I'd like to know if there is a way to reset my home copy of ST7 back to the installation defaults and settings like when is first installed? The reason being that computer at work is already set to use custom template and some setting or behaviors do not match the settings and functionality indicated in the tutorials and learning resources.

Thanks in advance.... Merry Christmas!


Re: Reset ST7 to clean installation ?

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You have to rename this registry key from Version 107 to something other... Before this action you have to close SE.


"HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Unigraphics Solutions\Solid Edge\Version 107"


After this you can run SE as "almost" new installation...




Re: Reset ST7 to clean installation ?


I would save the existing registry settings first, so that you can recall them when you have finished with the default settings. -

Find the registry key as shown in previous post.

Right Click on it and select Export (or use File > Export)

Save it to a location you can recall from later.

If you then delete the registry key it will be recreated with default settings next time you start Solid Edge.

When you have finished your training you can recall the original settings by opening Regedit again and then File > Import. Browse to the file you saved and all the settings should return to original settings.

You can also use this method to recall previously saved settings onto a different computer.


What you must never do is import another user's registry file. I know someone who tried that once and it created a total mess.


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Re: Reset ST7 to clean installation ?

Thanks for a great tip. Even the obvious could find is way to creating caos.
Merry Christmas and better New Year!

Ernesto Infante