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Retrieve custom file property on 2D drawing



   We have a customer that added a custom property to it's ISO templates (.par and .psm), and wants to show that property on the 2D drawing title block.


    Problem is that using a callout with a Property Text, I must specify it as Named Reference, which means it is linked to a specific file (In the case of the "XYZ" custom property on the mola.par file, it would be %{XYZ/CP|mola.par}).


   Customer wants to have this as a generic behaviour, and not have to go to edit the callout each time to retrieve the information from the specific file. So it should retrieve it from every file. If the property is not there, it doesn't display it. What's the best way to accomplish this?


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‎08-26-2015 04:32 AM

Re: Retrieve custom file property on 2D drawing

If you only have one part/assembly per drawing you can use Index Reference.

It would then look something like %{PropertyName/CP|R1}

A second model added to the drawing would become R2.

I'm not sure what happens if the first one is then deleted - does the second then become R1 ?

Re: Retrieve custom file property on 2D drawing

Thank you, that was the solution.