Revising family of parts

Question regarding revising the family of parts populated member(s).


If I have a change to one member of a family of parts, do I need to revise the master part (currently set to "Released" in Insight) + the member (also released)?

Do I need to revise all populated members (all set to released) to prevent "out of date" drawing views?

Do I need to "replace link" in the part copy for the populated members to be linked to the correct version of the master part? (e.g. "master_part.par now revised in Insight to "master_part-1.par")


Re: Revising family of parts

This is my workflow for this.


The Masterpart is always in work.


The child parts can be handled by the LCA. You just have to turn off the the Option "Add status of linked documents". The you start the LC of the child part.


If a child is "In Work" you can update it from the master

If a child is " Released" you have to revise the child and then you will update the body from the child

Be aware that you can not control the child anymore from the masterpart when the child is released but you can update the child within the child.


Easy to handle and you will keep the revision history.



Re: Revising family of parts

@Zach0350: Did it work for you?

Re: Revising family of parts

I haven't tried it yet. My thought is that I will move the master part to our released folder and change its status to "released". If I need to modify the file I will force its status back to "available", revise the member file, and then set it back to "released".


I feel like this should help prevent errors from someone modifying my master part and/or trying to revise the master part.