Revision Manager and XpresRoute

I have a question which relates to the use of Revision Manager and XpresRoute, I have a large assembly model that I have created which contains detailed pipework I have created within the model using XpresRoute. I now need to use Revision Manager to load in this assembly and copy and rename it to a different location on our server. My question is will I be able to rename, copy or move, along with all the part and assembly files, all of the piepwork within this assembly ? I do not want to get to the point where I have spent time in Revision Manager only to find I open the model in it's new location and there is no XpresRoute pipework in it. I have a feeling this is possible but I need expert clarification on this prior to doing it. Many thanks in advance. Anthony (Snr Design Enginner - Wabtec Rail)


Re: Revision Manager and XpresRoute

Hello Anthony,

I would say Yes, everything should be fine using Rev Man.

However for your own peace of mind, you should create an assembly and create a tube with XpressRoute and then try it.


What you must never do is 'Save As' on an assembly with XPressRoute tubes.

If you do, the tubes in the new assembly will still be linked to the paths in the old one.

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Re: Revision Manager and XpresRoute

Hi there,


Many thanks for your reply, this was exactly the answer I was looking for Smiley Happy


Also may I ask while we are on the subject, is there a way of hiding the pipe segemnts in the XpresRoute environment when detailing the pipe routes ? I find the interface can become somewhat cluttered with dimensions and segemnts in complex desings and it is hard to see what is going on




Re: Revision Manager and XpresRoute

After you do a tube run, you can right click on the tube and do a Hide Path.  This should declutter your xPresRoute env.

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