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is it possible to use the value that is written in "Revision Number" of a part, and put it in the title block as Text, and keep it linked?


thx, Johan


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If you are asking about the file property Revision Number, then yes.  In your title block, use a Callout without a leader and when you are building it, select the Property Text button.  In the resultant form, the selection field should be set to "From active document", find the Revision Number in the list a double click it and a code will appear in the Property Text field at the bottom.  Select OK and place.  Now it will update when the file property is filled out.


EDIT: After posting, I realized you wanted the rev of the part you were putting in the draft.  This is still possible, you just need to change the selection field at the top to "Index reference" which will grab the first model you place in the draft.  Be aware that if you place multiple models in your draft, this will only show the first one placed.  You can manually change the index though...



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Re: Revision Number

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So there is no solution if i want different parts on different sheets inside 1 draft, to get each part his own revision number in the title block?

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Hi Johan,


Currently you'd need to use the callout text with graphic connection to each part, as title block normally [if using background sheet version] calls this information from the first placed view in the draft....else what I do for multi sheet drafts, is leverage the BOM [Parts List] for successive sheets & views of parts/sub-assemblies, re-mimbering the leader to match the main BOM. [this is apparently better/fixed in ST7]

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