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Revision digit in filename.




What are the advantages and disadvantages of having the revision digit integrated in the filename (xxx-A) versus the revision in the file properties only?


And does BiDM can work with both?


Thank you,



André Bourgault

Re: Revision digit in part Number

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PLM World Member Phenom

It should never be in the part number.  If it is in the part number, you essentially expanded your unique item identification (part number) by one digit and are changing the part number with every revision.


We put the revision in the filename.  Solid Edge is one of the few CAD packages that, from the start, didn't have a big problem with revising filenames and re-establishing the links in the assemblies.  BiDM makes it even easier.  Depending on how you setup your filenaming rules, BiDM will take the Revision file property and automatically append it to the filename using the deliminator that you defined in the options.


[Part Number][Deliminator][Rev].par (or .asm or .dft)

is the best practice for filenaming.


If you want to see other information, like Title, in the Assembly Pathfinder, you can create rules to modify the display without affecting the filename.

--Scott Wertel, P.E.

Re: Revision digit in part Number




Sorry, my bad.  I meant filename.


I have modified the original post.

André Bourgault

Betreff: Revision digit in filename.

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Gears Esteemed Contributor

Hi @ABourgault



I think there is a clear and easy answer to that question.

As long as You want to have diferent versoins/revisions available for use and comparison You will need different files to do so.

And for a differnt file You must have a different file name.

So therefore it is necessary to have a differantiator for the file name and what might be better for taht than the revision index.

To split the filename from the revision code You will need the revision delimiter, ergo file name = part number & delimiter & revision number/code & . file type