Revision manager, missing parts

I'm just beginning or really learn revision manager.


The important concept that was difficult to learn about using revision manager was that you have to move complex projects in multiple steps (multiple perform actions) but keep the manager open so that each action maintains the links between the entire set of files.


The one part I have yet to figure out is how to make new connections to missing files. If a file shows up red (missing) and I want to replace it, how is that done?


If I open the assembly with missing files, the parts can't be replaced with the correct file because I can't even start the replace part from the part that's missing.


Is there a work around for this using revision manager? i.e. point to a new file and consiter it a replacement for a missing file?


Am I barking up the wrong tree and there is a way to replace missing parts inside the assembly?


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You said you could'nt use the "Replace" button to replace the missing parts? It always worked for me. You could always go into the assembly and do a "Replace Part" from there.


What do you mean by multiple steps when using Revision Manager?

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are you saying that you dont have a replace option?


there should be 2 places to invoke that:  RMB on the missing itme or there there is a button on the main ribbon bar?

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I'm not sure why replace is hard but I can see the tendency to do multiple steps. I worry about revman's order of operations and am cautious when unexpected behavior would create a can of worms.

For example:

If I replace a part in an existing assembly which I want to copy to a new assembly, will the part be replaced in the old assembly before it's copied or will the replace only affect the newly copied assembly.

99% sure it does the latter but sometimes I'm conservative and copy the assembly first, then do the replace.

Also I have found out the hard way that if you copy files in an assembly without copying the assembly it functions as a replace old with new in that assembly. I wish there was a switch like that available in revman assistant to toggle that behaviour so it just copies the files without affecting the assembly.

I have to see that it's a nice tool though. SolidWorks had nothing like it. SW Explorer was crap IMO. Don't know how it stands now but only a few years ago that was the case.

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Re: Revision manager, missing parts



You need to copy first then do a replace.


When copying a sub-assembly or part, in the level that the assembly is in, it sees it as you are making a copy of this part and putting it somewhere else...but linking this new part. It is sort of a replace in a way...but instead of creating the part and then using replace, you're doing it in one step....creating/copying the part and replacing it at the same time.


Since you are copying from the assembly level, you are telling revman that the parts you are copying are linked to that assembly. If you do not want this, then you need to revman from the sub-assembly level and copy that entire sub-assembly.


a little confusing at first....

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When I have an assembly open, if the part is red, I can't start the replace operation because it does not know what it's replacing. I have yet to try replace using revision manager.


Multiple steps.


All of my files are multi headed (multiple draft files) for each job. as a simple example.

Top directory has a general Assembly and Draft file. That assembly contains say 10 assemblies, each located in a sub directory.

Each sub directory contains say 10 sheet metal parts, an assembly, and a draft file.


My goals if to find the fewest steps to copy a job. Right now I open the top draft file, and copy everything except the sub directory draft files. Then with revision manager still open, I have to use the where used function to grab the sub assembly draft files, then copy each one (Sub-drafts) as a separate "Perform action" or (Multiple steps). By keeping revision manager open, it appears to know what I'm trying to do and maintain all the links within the files.


The concept presented earlier about file association before vs after the move is scary. I don't want to edit any of the original files. And I want all of the new files to have the same reference structure and directory structure of the original files. I was trying for months to figure out how to grab all the files at once and move at one time to know I was doing exactly that. Not possible. It has to be done in multiple steps.


Revision manager should have a "Clone project" and "Clone Drive" function to make moving stuff easier.

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Are all your files in the same folder? If so, you can just use windows explorer and copy the entire folder....since all the parts can see eachother.

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Thanks, and as I said, I know. Now, after having created a mess to fix some time ago. It's fine if you're copying the top assembly though.

Revman assistant allows you to copy a single part and decide if it affects upper assembly(s) or not in the where-used list window. I don't understand why they don't allow clearing or selecting action in that window normally. I think it would be an even better tool in that case.

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Re: Revision manager, missing parts

"If so, you can just use windows explorer and copy the entire folder."
Not in a managed environment and even if you're not and you want to maintain interpart links after changing file names. Explorer won't maintain them.
Bruce Shand
ST9 MP7 - Insight - Win10 - K4200

Re: Revision manager, missing parts

True if it is linked to Insight. 


Without Insight.....If everything is in the same folder, NO SUBFOLDERS!, you can copy that folder. I've done it many times...