Revision manager simple issue


I have yet to figure out something simple with revision manager.


Lets say I have a sheet metal part.

I have a drawing that shows haw to make it

and an assembly I use to place that part in other models. (so it displays the part's number rather than the raw material number)






The assembly does not know about the draft, and the draft does not know about the assembly.


Is there a way to make revision manager move all 3 at a single go? My problem is I cant select things from the where used list at the same time I thing selected from the typical top list.



Let's say I move the draft and part in one session of revision manager. Is there a way to copy the assembly and have it understand it's to be connected to the already copied part (in a freshly started session of revision manager)?


My real problems are much larger than this, but this situation gets the question down to where my problems with the file management workflows are.


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Once you get the where-used list of files at the bottom, set the action(s) to Rename and type in the destination in the path.  The where-used files will then move as well.  I just tested this now and it worked.  You may want to test this workflow for yourself.

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The keyword is the "Where used" command!





Re: Revision manager simple issue


Thank you Imics,


I wish I understood your language, and very much appreciate your effort.


christandring, If I understand you right, by using the re-name function, I can select where used files at the same time at the regular ones?


I know that by using "where used", and if I keep that one session of revision manager open I can move distantly related files to a new area and properly connected together.


I'm trying to figure out how to copy a file and make a choice if it is re-connected to the new file or stays connected to the old ones.


I'm also wondering if there is a way to selected files at one time from both the top and bottom pane of revision manager (bottom pane = where used). This way all the files can be copied at once, and it's easier to think about all the new files and old files as distinct from one another.