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Revolve handle not showing up



I'm trying to do a revolve feature.  According to my book, when you click on the revolve feature and select a closed sketch, a Revolve Handle should apppear.  This handle needs to be lined up with the revolution axis to complete the feature.


I have a closed sketch and a line for the revolution axis, however, when I click on Revolve and select the closed sketch, The Revolve Handle does not appear.




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‎08-26-2015 04:32 AM

Re: Revolve handle not showing up

Better approach (perhaps non-obvious)


1. Choose the Select Tool command.

2. Select the region.

3. When the "push/pull" (Steering Wheel)  handle comes up, click on the little sphere at the center and drag it over top of  the line that represents the axis of revolution.

4. Click to drop it on the axis

5. The steering wheel will change to one with a torus revolve handle.

6. Click on the torus and create a revolved feature.



Dan Staples
Director, Solid Edge Product Development

Re: Revolve handle not showing up

Thank you.  That woked fine.


Is there a reason why the handle doesn't show up when I click on Revolve?

Re: Revolve handle not showing up

Running the Revolve command has a different flow due to the elements you can select for the section. Follow the prompts in the prompt bar to go through the Revolve command.

Aditya Gurushankar
Manager, Solid Edge Planning