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Rolling a flat sheet metal profile?

I have been working with sheet metal parts and I ran across a slight issue. I was wanting to take a flat profile and roll it along a radius, although I couldn't find any information on how to do this. I have attached the paper drawing that I was attempting to roll.


I was able to recreate the part by sketching the arc and turning that into a contour flange. And then "unbending" the part so I could place the slots and chamfers. I'm assuming that the way I modeled the part, is not the only way to create "rolled" sheet metal parts?


I have also attached the model I was able to create by using the contour flange command.   


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What is the problem with the model you made? It looks good to me.

Re: Rolling a flat sheet metal profile?

Nothing is wrong with what I made. Im just wanting to know how I can take a flat sheet metal part and "roll it". If that is even possible to do so. Just thinking it might be quicker to draw my flat profile with all the holes, slot, and other details, and then roll it to to the radius that I want and be done. 

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I think you can take a sketch and roll it onto a cylinder and then make your cutouts from the sketch. I haven't done it for a while, though.
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Re: Rolling a flat sheet metal profile?

The proper process is to model it in the final state (rolled), then unbend it to add features that need added in the flat, and then rebend it.


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Re: Rolling a flat sheet metal profile?

Thank you Grundey. 

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This is easy enough, just add a bend to the center line of the flat model.....if it's the only bend [or roll, in this case] on the part, then you can either control the bend radius by the material properties, or set it as a custom radii from the modify tools.

The process can be done [with slight procedural differences] in Ordered or Synchronous.


The only problem I can see with that process, is if you have multiple radii [wave shaped] on the part, whereby the contour flange method, for the most part, is your best solution.


The modelling process cannot always resemble the manufacturing process.

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