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Run NX without Star-NX extension?


I have StarCCM+ installed on our lab computers, but unfortunately only a few licenses for it.  I have been notified that NX automatically tries to use the Star-NX extension on startup, using up one of the few StarCCM+ licenses.  Most of the students here do not need to use it, but the few who do cannot access (After a few have started using NX, all StarCCM+ licenses are occupied).  Is there a command-line switch or something we can do to prevent NX from loading this?  The idea is we could have two separate shortcuts, one to use NX with Star and one to use NX without it.


Hi there,   Sounds like a pickle!......however, you'd hav...

Esteemed Contributor
Esteemed Contributor

Hi there,


Sounds like a pickle!......however, you'd have more joy asking this in the NX Design discussion forum.


Good luck.

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