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S.Edge for tool / mould design


Hello All,

 Currently using Solidworks 2016 and evaluating new software to use for the design of injection mould tooling.

Thus far we have had demo's for VISI cad from Vero software and Solid Edge with the mould add-on.

From the brief views i have had of each it's hard to pick out one as being better than the other they both look like excellent choices.


My main reason for wanting to switch is that Solidworks is just not particularly suited for mould design and it's a very manual process to design a tool. We are looking for a software that can help to streamline the design process.


Majority of our suppliers in China all use NX which is why we looked into the Siemens software but NX would definitely be out of our budget time the extra packages were added but solid edge does not look like too bad a compromise. So i was hoping to maybe get some feedback from users of Solidedge, particuarly those who use it for tool design or who have experience with VISI cad.


Many thanks,

 J. Blake




Re: S.Edge for tool / mould design



It would be hard for users to answer your request without more information from you.


How big are your mold design assemblies?

What type of features are required to solve your mold design processes?

How much integration do you require with the CAD?

How complex are you average molds? 80%

What is a worst case mold design? 20%


A lot of people rely on NX Mold Design and it is a top notch tool. No doubt about that. The initial investment may appear high but its benefits can be enormous. Especially if you want CAD changes to propegate down thru mold, drafting and to CAM.

Re: S.Edge for tool / mould design

Gears Phenom Gears Phenom
Gears Phenom



Solid Edge & VISI uses parasolid kernel, but VISI is generally history free modeller, so building and editing a mould tool a little bit different in VISI.


We have some cool customers who plan very complex mold tool in Solid Edge.


Here is a mold tool, this company don't use Mold Tooling module (but it is useful).





Re: S.Edge for tool / mould design


Thanks for your replies,

 NX would have been my first choice of the bunch but the cost was just too high we could have 2 seats of solid edge or visi for the same cost, and our CAM is all done by the machinists on individual terminals.


Mostly deal with engine components and other automotive parts, small but complex tools up to about 4 tonnes.


I know just about any CAD software could do the job but we are looking to streamline the process and just in general move away from Solidworks.

Solidworks has mould features as standard but the only parts they will actually work on are so simple it's quicker to manually create everything anyway and it does not have the Hasco/Meusburger etc. databases of standard mould builds which i like a lot about visi and solid edge