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Hello Edger,


I'm currently working on 4 coffee silos and i need to integrated the structure in Solid Edge from a CAD named SDS/2. This is the first time i heard about this software. ;-)


Someone know the best way for my contractor to export from SDS that I can open in Solid Edge?







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Re: SDS/2

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Go to file open and expand the "file type" collector...


See if they can provide any of this formats.


Rule of thumb:

in this order for 3d formats

1. Native format if possible and if SE can open it

2. Parasolid

3. Step

4. Iges


2d almost always = DXF/DWG 



Re: SDS/2

The Software SD/2 is designed for framework. Usually this systems have an interface for SDNF (Steel Detailing Neutral Format) to exchange 3D-data!


We can offer a SDNF2STEP interface for that. Please let me know!


For the DXF/DWG exchange there are two show stoppers from my experience


1. Solid Edge supports only 2D. If there are any 3D-Data in the file they have to be in SAT-Standard. But I could not find any information about this on the product website

2. There are 3D-DXF/DWG importers available to convert to STEP. But usually this will kill the performance of Solid Edge because of the mass of data. The faces are all split in to triangles. It is more or less a VRML-file that only useful for viewing. No collision check, no drawings, etc


Hope this will bring you a step further



Re: SDS/2



SDS/2 seems to be a Building Information Modeling (BIM) software.


As I can see, they can export some format but can't figure if they can export to Parasolid or STEP.


You should double check with your supplier what type of files he can send to you.





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Re: SDS/2

I hope ST8 allows import of 3D dxf/dwg into a 3d sketch. I have a ER on it.
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Re: SDS/2

I used to do structural detailing and had to create structural calculations to provide details to the SDS2 designer.


At that time I was using Descon to calculate bolts and welds for each connection so a PE could stamp the connection as safe. The wireframe (beam calculations) were done in stadd. Then The connection details were created in AutoCAD so the SDS people had documentation as to what to program in SDS.


That program is only used be people who have beam fabrication lines and robotic welding.


Getting the files to translate out was never practical. What was practical was installing a viewer and getting a copy of the SDS files.


This way you can see exactly what they have designed and re-model that in your software.

Re: SDS/2

Thank you guys, 


@12GAGE, this is exactly the solution I found to my problem. I download the viewer , They send me the files and I modelized the part I need in SE.





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Great Marketing makes the customer feel smart.