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SE 2D for 32 bit system

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Solution Partner Creator

I would like to download the free SE 2D program and run it on a machine using Windows 7-32 bit.

This machine also has no access to the internet so I will download it to anothe computer and transfer it via flash drive.

Can you advise how to do this?

Thank you.


Re: SE 2D for 32 bit system

Esteemed Contributor
Esteemed Contributor

Hi there @dgalitzine,


The process is as simple as filling in the information and downloading the installation file [save it accordingly] copy to a flash drive & go.....however, you are looking to get access to ST6 [last available for 32bit OS], which is a release that is currently 2 versions old, and I'm sure that there is a "non-public" download available from one of the Siemens admins lurking about in the community forum here.

Not sure how much longer they might keep doing this for though.


I would highly recommend looking to upgrade the system to a 64bit version of Windows though, to then access the latest version of 2D Free as they come out.....I have a few copies of ST8 2D Free distributed about the factory computers, and also many of our staff use it at home.

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