SE 9 Design manager - time wasting freezing

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Can anyone help me to understand and fix this strange issue ?

1. I have some widely used part - lets say some "bearing" which i need to rename

2. Data-manager --> copy fuction (!!! newly clumsy SAVE as ) --> new name

3. Tools--> Design manager Assistant --> Replace part --> old file X new file (copied)

4. "Where used" set to search through in the company's drawings database, it takes (depend on number of assemblies for me it takes more than 2 hours)

5. "Where used" funcion found some assemblies let's say 35 --> perform actions

And here the trouble comes during performing actions bearing is replaced to all found asseblies it took few seconds to minutes in SE 8 but now in SE 9 after performing changes "manager" freeze badly and it stayed frozen for hours. It's same for another PC's. After few hours "manager" finished and comes unfreeze but for at least 2 hours manager stoped to respond only cursor hourglasses appeared (rotating blue circle for W10)


Run on W10 last up, SE 9 MP 1 ( Windows indexing not possible bec. -->Iam not allowed to set that<-- EDIT)


Re: SE 9 Design manager - time wasting freezing

if you have baseline examples and know for a fact this was faster in ST8 then it is in ST9 please log this as an IR with your VAR or GTAC as a regression!!!


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Re: SE 9 Design manager - time wasting freezing

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I find some of the terminology and processes in Design Manager inconsistent.  For instance, if you use "Save As" in an assembly, it will rename the part in the pathfinder.  In Design Manager, is copies the part.  I find this very confusing.  Save As to me implies renaming an existing part.  There should be a distinct "copy" command to copy parts.  Also, when using "Save As" to "copy" a part, SE puts the cursor on the path cell.   To give the copied part a new name, you have to double click on the "new filename" cell at least twice before you can edit the name.  Then the path cell will then turn red - this to me implies a problem.  If you are creating a new name in the same folder, there is not a problem and the path cell should at least turn black - or not turn red in the first place.  When copying a file, the name should be the first step, not the path.


I have not yet delved into heavier duty functions such as copying assemblies and replacing parts or subassemblies but so far, I'm uneasy about this new interface.  Rev Manager may have looked dated, but it was pretty simple to use and very clear as to whether you were renaming, copying or replacing something.


What is missing is a tutorial on the different processes and perhaps how they compare to Rev Manager.  If you look in the help section for Design Manager, you find that the "help" basically just lists all the commands and not a how or why they are used.  Trial and error is not a good method when trying out document management.


I'm hoping there is a session at SEU 2016 on Design Manager so I can make sure I'm using it the right way.





Kyle Joiner

Re: SE 9 Design manager - time wasting freezing

We're currently on ST7, but it seems to me that Revision Manager has consitently exhibited this behavior.  I occasionally have to change one of our library components, and do a "where used" across the server.  4 to 5 hours later, when I get the results, and set everything to update, and the update process always takes the same amount of time.  Even back as far as v20, it's been like this for us.



Re: SE 9 Design manager - time wasting freezing


We added several Design Manager fixes on MP1, and more are coming in MP2.  I was going to suggest that you install ST9 MP1, but now I see that you state you are already running MP1.

  • Run on W10 last up, SE 9 MP 1 ( Windows indexing not possible bec. dataserver runs under unix)


I also noticed that your dataserver runs under unix.  This was not something we considered in our testing.  Please log an IR (if you have not already), and we will invest this case. I already informed the Product Managers, and we are looking forward to seeing how we can help in this case.



Re: SE 9 Design manager - time wasting freezing

@kjoiner - Michael Rothe has a session on  Design Manager at SEU.  I sent this thread to him so he better knows what items to cover.

Re: SE 9 Design manager - time wasting freezing

Since you are not using indexed data, one thing that comes to mind is making sure that none of the automatic Where Used and Link Fixup options are checked.

Design Manager Options dialogDesign Manager Options dialog


Just out of curiosity: interesting to hear that your data server is running Unix - any particular reason for that?

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I see your point on changing the text color to red - I suggest to create an IR so we can track this.

SE creates a copy during 'SaveAs' and like any other Windows application it updates the current session using the new copy (the nice thing is, SE also updates links if possible). Creating a copy via SaveAs is pretty much standard behavior of any Windows app (or look for a 'Copy' entry in a 'File' menu - i.e. MSOffice). From that perspective Design Manager simply made things more consistent with SE by naming the same things the same.
With regards to the cursor being initially in the path cell vs. file name cell: I couldn't quite reproduce this, as both cells were just highlighted and I could choose to edit either one of them. And yes, just like in Excel (the gorilla in terms of expected spreadsheet behavior), editing inside a cell is initiated via double-click.

Re: SE 9 Design manager - time wasting freezing


I just edited main post
I am not allowed to set Indexing on our data server. That is job for our admin and he forbid it.

I created video (captured screen) of whole renaming and relinking process, even with whole "where used" scanning and freeze after "performing acitions" it took about 2 hours, but i am not allowed to post it too Smiley Sad.


Re: SE 9 Design manager - time wasting freezing

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> RBliss


I never worked with ST 7, but when i am changing used part and when i set "where used function" there is option to choose which files are scanned. i'm searching only through assemblies, else scanning will take ages