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SE Electrical Design Harness module

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I've been working with the module Harness Design integrated with Solid Edge 3D.


When I bridge-in the data (from a 3D model) of wires contained in bundles, in an empty diagram of Harness Design is transfered all the bundles I have in the assembly of Solid Edge 3D.


If I have 3 or 4 non connected bundles, this appear in my harnes diagram with no connection.


But my question is, how can I filter the data I want to transfer to the harness diagram from the 3D model, in order to have separate bundles or circuits in different diagrams.


This would be very insteresting, as if we are designing a huge electrical system, we could make different formboards for each harness, without having a big one harness diagram with several harnesses. 


Thank you!