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SE Free2D update for ST4?

I just downloaded ST4 (v. and have been trying to complete the first tutorial. The program has frozen up on me 3 times after completing a single 2-point line and a circle. A web search shows that there is an MP01 update that addresses the "crash after circle" issue.

I went to Help...Download Product Update, which took me to, where it's asking me to login with my WebKey Username and WebKey Password, which I do not have. I tried the forum authentication (email, free2d), and that didn't work.

The Welcome email states "For a nominal fee you can recieve automatic updates to Solid Edge 2D Drafting".

I'm not very inclined to pay a fee, or speak to a salesperson, just to get through the very beginning of a product demo, due to known issues.

Here's some cursory system information:
System: HP HPE-510t
CPU: Core i7-2600
RAM: 12.0 GB
GPU: NVIDIA Quadro 600
OS:Windows 7 Home Premium (64-bit)

What should I do?



Re: SE Free2D update for ST4?

Siemens Phenom Siemens Phenom
Siemens Phenom
Is Solid Edge 2D Drafting crashing or locking up. In the latter case you would be killing the application somehow.
If it is crashing then can you send to me the crash log?
Open windows explorer,not internet explorer. In the bar at the top key in %TEMP% and return.
Find 'crashlog.dmp' and 'crashlog.txt. in this folder. Send these files to me. I don't believe it is an issue with the circle command or everyone would be having the same problem. I may be able to determine from the crash log where the problem is.
There is one thing you could try in the mean time. It could be graphics card related. Turn Hardware Acceleration in the graphics card all the way down.
Run 2D Drafting again to see if you still have the same issue.

Rick B.