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SE ST8: step exporting/importing


Hi SE community,


I am in trouble with exporting an assembly geometry with overlapping parts as an *.stl file since by doing the conventional way (i.e save as *.stl file) it leads to an overlapped mesh which my co-worker doesn't like for modelling issues.


In order to avoid that I tried to export the *.asm as a *.step then importing it again into an empty part file. By doing this, the software recognized it as a single body so I was able to export it as an *.stl with no overlapped parts, i.e. it worked Smiley Happy.


I tried to repeat the procedure with another file wich is made up of different *.asm files and it didn't work. SE states is finding multiple bodies and it is not able to collect all of them into a single one (as it did for the previous one), so I am not able to export the whole geometry as an *.stl.


Do you have any advice on that? Do I need to rebuild the model (hope for not)? 


I attached two capture of the tree structure and a SE message which appeared after I imported the file.


Many thanks in advance!!!


Re: SE ST8: step exporting/importing


I figured it out: I just needed to open a part file and import the assembly as a part into it. This way once you convert you don't get any overlapping/penentrating surface.