SE_Standard_Parts_ST7 file corrupt

Did anyone instaled SE_Standard_Parts_ST7? When I run it it says file corrupt. I downloded 2 times and I get the same error. Also I downloaded it using the download manager gtac recommends: DownThemAll for Firefox.





Re: SE_Standard_Parts_ST7 file corrupt

Hello Marc,

On my 1st download:

-  Solid Edge 7 DVD English did start to run install OK to the first 'choice screen', but I did exit the istallation to go to customer.

- Solid Edge 7 Data Management - reported file coruption

- Solid Edge 7 Standard Parts -reported file corruption


Tried 2nd download:

- Solid Edge 7 Data Management - reports file coruption again

- Solid Edge 7 Standard Parts -reports file corruption again.


This morning we got finally, year later mind you, 64-bit label in the download menu, but nothing to download.




Milan Wendl, MEngSc, P.Eng.
AAA Engineering, Canada
ST10, SolidWorks Premium 2017

Re: SE_Standard_Parts_ST7 file corrupt

I have had ever-increasing issues with corrupted downloads for the past 6-8 months. I was in the beta program and had to skip the last two builds of ST7 because I could not get an uncorrupted download, despite having their recommended download manager and despite trying a half dozen times at different times of day, from different physical locations/different networks.

-Dylan Gondyke

Re: SE_Standard_Parts_ST7 file corrupt

Had same problem. Now ST7 seems to have disappeared from GTAC ftp site entirely. (Maybe a fix  is on the way?)