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SE crashed and destroyed my assembly?


Hi everyone,


I was modelling an assembly with several sub-assemblies and some individual parts, when Solid Edge suddenly crashed and I filed an error report. After re-starting SE, the assembly I was modeling was damaged and all sub-assemblies were missing with question-marks next to them in the feature-tree. Individual parts were still visible (with question mark next to them), but when I right-clicked them on the feature-tree and selected Open, the part disappeared and nothing happened. When i try to repair the links by going to Manage → Edit links, the change source-button is greyed out so I can't click it.


Same thing happened to all sub-assemblies when I opened them from their individual folders. Every single assembly or sub-assembly I had in my model is now destroyed. At least all individual parts are still working when I open them in part environment, but it looks like I have to model all my assemblies again, which is VERY frustrating and time-consuming.


Has anyone experienced the same behaviour? This is my first time experiencing such issue. My system:

- DELL Precision M7510, i7-6820HQ, 16GB RAM, Quadro M2000M

- Windows 10 Pro

- ST8 with latest Maintenance Pack


EDIT 1: So I tried to create new assemblies with the old parts that I used in the crashed assemblies. Now it says "The part cannot be placed. Make sure it is not a Feature Library part". So I have to open every single part and use Save as and save them to a new location. How is it possible that a program this important can get messed up so badly???


Re: SE crashed and destroyed my assembly?




SO, everything started working again! I just had to restart my system completely and the problem disappeared. Now my old assembly is working again. It was just some random bug that got fixed by system restart.


Sorry for ranting, I was just a bit nervous for having to re-model everyting again. Smiley LOL

I'll accept this as a solution and leave it here in case someone experiences the same bug as I just did.

Re: SE crashed and destroyed my assembly?

PLM World Member Phenom PLM World Member Phenom
PLM World Member Phenom

I'm glad to hear your assembly came back to life after a restart.  If the problem persists, you can always contact GTAC and see if they can help.  I had an assembly several years ago that had issues and I was able to upload the file to GTAC.  They repaired the assembly and got me running again.  I've said it before but I really appreciate the value of the GTAC staff.  




Kyle Joiner
ST10 MP1