SE crashing

Just a general question to see how many people crash on a continuous basis.


I have been on SE since the early days of version 5 back in 1998, and crashed just as much then as I have today, but at a slower rate because the computers weren't as fast then as they are today. haha


I would say that on a daily basis, on average SE crashes on me 2-3 times, sometimes more.  There may be days that I don't crash, but that's very rare.  Our IT department always says tthat the next version will take care of those bugs and we shouldn't have the issues any longer.  I tell them that SE has always crashed since I've been on it, and nothing will change.  It's been 19 years I've been on it through different companies, and nothing has changed, so why would I expect the next version to correct it?


Anyway, I just wanted to vent a little because it gets really frustrating when your project is due and you continue to crash and either lose the some or all of the work and have to start over, or just having to restart SE again... It gets old.


Re: SE crashing

I have been using since late ST6. In general MP's 1....6 crash, once they hit about MP7 it does not crash any more or as much. Some of it appears to be Video related. And for me it's also sheet gage related. It cycles between. Recently it's been gage edits that cause me to crash.


I crash 2 times per day about 6 days per month from gage edits. I can also tell when the vic card runs out of gas. I reboot right away and avoid the impending crash. The most common give away is a grainy display of one part. This can happen after 1 hour of heavy vid use, but most days it's 3 hours of regular use.

Re: SE crashing

I haven't seen the grainy screen / part as you mention. However, sometimes when opening up an assembly, it will actually open up either a part file or sheet metal file. That's when I know to shut SE down because within the next command or two it will crash. I even keep my limit of assemblies and active parts to a minimum to see if that helps with the amount of crashes, but it doesn't seem to matter. The IT dept tried adjusting the VM to see if that did anything, which it didn't, and many other things over time with the same result. At that point, they just "gave up" and we just deal with it daily.

Re: SE crashing

Hi @Wayne_B,


WOW...2-3 time a day! I would consider that a BIG problem also.....I've been using SE since version 7, and found crashes have absolutely decreased over the years.


Currently still working from my Surface Pro3, which is 3 years old now, [time to shop for an upgrade Robot wink] and have seen crashes, but not typically while doing "normal" modelling, or drafting jobs....usually it's when I'm extending my system with renders and always while interacting with at least half a dozen other applications, and as many different Windows Explorer folder location over the network.


So I guess, I'm not seeing the same level of crashes as you, and what I have seen, are spread to 3-4 a month, but my system is by no means a beast, and I expect that when I tap the system out in a sustained effort, then crashes are going to result.


I am also mindful that not every user has the same stack of software, nor hardware, so the variables are massive as to what the root cause[s] could be.....are there any constants in your upgrades? Do you upgrade entire systems and completely load clean...or reuse the previous drive [or image] from old setup[s]?

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Re: SE crashing

I moved to a Boxx CPU durring ST8, installed ST9 after an uninstall of ST8, but did no special clean up after the uninstall. 


I get a new machine and my new second user gets my old machine in a few weeks. Going from 4.5 Ghz to 4.9 and going from K4200 to M8000 vid card. So I will see if the clean machine or capacity helps anything out.


I have models set up to recaluate about 40 dimensions in draft if a single piece of sheet metal changes gage, so I'm asking alot out of the software and computer and model stability.

Re: SE crashing

I wish I would only see crashes like you have been.  That would make my life so much more productive.  Unfortunately, that's not the case.  Whats' even more aggravating is when SE does crash and I restart it, I go to the open file button and it crashes again.  Totally unexplainable.


My primary job is copper design, but I do sheet metal as well.  It doesn't matter what I'm doing, whether copper or the other, the timing and number of crashes seem to be constant.


We are still on ST3 due to some TeamCenter issues due to the initial install that IT did.  So, until recently we have been stuck, but we have been told that we will be upgrading to the latest version.  My PC is 2+ years old now, so I'm not sur whether we'll be getting any improvements to the HD, motherboard, video graphics, RAM etc.  It would be nice to get new PC's and a fresh install again.  We'll see which happens.  I think the only thing that may be mirrored is the SE Default local sirectory on each PC.


The only other programs I have running are things like outlook and excel and PLM.  Nothing more, so my resources shouldn't get tapped out.  I've always said that SE must have Autdesk programmers there since that program always liked to crash too.  haha



Re: SE crashing

I too was seeing a large amount of crashes (5-6) in a day in ST9 on Win10 and I was getting very frustrated.

I kept sending in the Crash logs thru email and never got anywhere.  The VAR thought it was a Graphics card issue and after getting the drivers updated, I still got crashes.

I finally opened an IR with GTAC and sent the Crash logs & SESYSinfo to the Tech and they were able to deduce the problem I had and have been stable every since.  For some reason my custom ribbon bar got corrupted and with a re-build, all is better.

The crash logs that get emailed to GTAC usually do not get reviewed and you need to open an IR to get them looked at.


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Re: SE crashing

I've been using various CAD software since the '80s. They all crashed on occasion. SE has been fairly stable recently although I did have 3 crashes today using the fastener system tool for the first time. It's stuff like that, particular features with bugs. But I seldom have random crashes. Your experience is a bit excessive.

Bruce Shand
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Re: SE crashing

DaleSmith, I'm "glad" to see someone else have a large amount of crashes like I've (and other co-workers) encountered over the years.

We are still on Windows 7 and ST3 due to some issues we've had with TeamCenter. I also forgot that we were told that Siemens is no longer supporting ST3 since it's so outdated. This has forced our IT dept to get moving on the upgrading to the latest ST version. I think we'll be upgrading to Windows 10 as well. I guess time will tell.

Still to date, I send the crash logs in. I know they don't go anywhere, but it makes me feel better knowing that I am truly trying to get these crashes resolved.

I keep my custom ribbon bar simple. The only thing I have on it is express route since I use that daily. When we installed new versions of ST, or when I got the new PC, I had to recreate the ribbon bar. So if there was any corruption in one OS, I wouldn't think that it would have created itself again when I created the new ribbon bar. I'm just guessing though.

Like you, we also were changing graphics cards to see if that was the culprit. Same results as you, so we just had a couple of new graphic cards that weren't necessarily needed, but we kept them.

Re: SE crashing

I agree, my crashes are a bit excessive. I hope someday that these get resolved or are at least a couple per month rather than 2-3+ per day. Coincidentally, I crashed about 5 minutes ago, number 2 for the day so far.

I've been on a number of CAD programs as well, 5 different ones actually. With all of them, SE seems to crash more often, and AutoCAD comes in second. However, I haven't used AutoCAD in over 10 years and that was just to pull dimensions off of 2D drawings to convert the parts to Inventor or SolidWorks.