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Re: SE2019 Slow response


the location of Hole options is local.
Anyway I have problems with all commands (Extrusion, Shell ...)

Re: SE2019 Slow response


I'm just going to toss this out as I bumped into it the other day.  Windows Power settings.  I thought I had set mine to "Ultimate Performance" when we first set up the workstations, but it was at "Balanced"  Switching to Ulitmate gave a significant boost in view rotation and moving assembiles with the Drag command.  I was hoping it would reduce flicker in the PathFinder, it helped a little.  I was surprised how little my graphics card is beign used during view rotation and one logical processor is suposedly pinned.


From SESysInfo:

   Operating System: Microsoft Windows 10 Enterprise Version 1803 64-bit (English) 10.0.17134
 Processor information:
   Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-7700K CPU @ 4.20GHz, GenuineIntel
   Physical:1, Core:4, Logical:8, HT:Enabled, Clock:4.2Ghz
 Global memory status (inuse/avail/total):
   Physical: 4315MB/28324MB/32639MB, PageFile: 6730MB/30773MB/37503MB, Virtual: 39072MB/134178655MB/134217727MB, Load: 13%
   Process: 1.16GiB (committed), 37.00GiB (reserved), 131033.84GiB (free)
   GDI objects: 708, USER objects: 205
 Video adapter information:
   Adapter: NVIDIA, NVIDIA Quadro P2000,, Hybrid
   ChipSet: Quadro P2000, Integrated RAMDAC, 1024MB
   Bios Info: Version86.6.3f.0.30
   GDI Driver: CDD.DLL (
   ICD Driver: C:\Windows\System32\DriverStore\FileRepository\nv_dispwi.inf_amd64_f8d13f5a0022d5f0\nvoglv64.dll.DLL (
   Topology: Homogeneous,DPIAware
   Display: [1,1,1,3]DELL 1907FPV,1280x1024@60Hz,{v=86x86,p=86x86}dpi,100%,NVIDIA Quadro P2000,DVI,Primary; [2,2,2,2]DELL 1907FPV,1280x1024@60Hz,{v=86x86,p=86x86}dpi,100%,NVIDIA Quadro P2000,DVI; [3,3,3,0]DELL 1907FPV,1280x1024@60Hz,{v=86x86,p=86x86}dpi,100%,NVIDIA Quadro P2000,DVI
   ActiveData: NVIDIA | NVIDIA Quadro P2000 | | WIN8 | HX | HX | SL,MB
   AutoConfig: * | * | * | * | HX | HX | 

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