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SE2d v20


I received an email stating that SE2d v19 was being upgraded to v20 and that the
old ver would expire at the end of Sept which it did. I downloaded the new file
as per the instructions in the email, but it reinstalled ver 19. Is the new version
out, and if so how do you download/install it? Or is it delayed; and if so, how
will we know when it is available?

Re: SE2d v20

Solid Edge 2D Drafting V20 will be available soon. You can still keep using
V19. Please return to the free2d web site. There are a set of combo boxes at
the bottom of the page that allow you to update the license. There are two
sets of combo boxes. the first ones are to download the software. the second
set is there to update the license. Just follow the directions.You do not
have to download the software again. When V20 is available, you will be
notified by email. You can also check the web site for updates.
Rick B.