SE4SP – Property mapping on draft

Anyone having gone through the conversion from plan folders to Se4SP of TC(x) might have used a program called OpenSaveWithOptions.exe (made by Siemens).

It should be a huge help in converting BOM entries and callouts on the DFT’s replacing them based on a TXT file listing.


I have version of this utility, received from Siemens, but it turnout is it not 100% doing what it should do….

When running the program on a folder, all DFT’s containing a BOM will be corrected, the different columns will reflect the content of the new named (custom) properties.

The callout’s on the draft however, they are not corrected, causing an error (in my case as the original callout is deleted…)


Does anyone having used this program (or using the program) has similar experience?


Marc Boom /

Re: SE4SP – Property mapping on draft

Problem solved.


Had great help from Siemens.

Thumbs Up!



Marc Boom /