SEEC Structure Editor on ST9

Has anyone used Structure Editor on SE ST9 & Teamcenter 11?


Since upgrading from ST7 and TC9 recently, structure editor is unuseable on anything but small assemblies. I can't even get it to open medium asms with few links.


Just wondering if it is a common issue, or something in our setup.


Re: SEEC Structure Editor on ST9

There are some Structure Editor fixes in MP1 and MP2 so you definitely need to be on MP2 at this point regardless.  There is specifically a fix in MP2 related to Structure Editor and linked files but this may or may not be the same issue that you are experiencing. 

Re: SEEC Structure Editor on ST9

Thanks Dave, I'm on MP2 already unfortunately. Actually Siemens gave us a workaround registry fix for the linked file bug fixed in MP2.


I left structure editor open overnight and it was able to open a medium assembly (actually smallish compared to some we do), but now every change to any cell in the window is taking about half an hour to process - not big changes with links, just the description of the dataset for example.


I was just wondering if people were using StrEd sucessfully with ST9 and it's just us, or is it a general issue?

Re: SEEC Structure Editor on ST9

To be honest, not seeing any reports of such behaviour from other SEEC customers.

Re: SEEC Structure Editor on ST9

Hi all,


I have the same Softwareversions in use.


I just tried to open an assembly in Structure Editor, works fine, alse "Save As All" reacts like i am used to it before.


Did you change configuration during the upgrade from ST7?


Re: SEEC Structure Editor on ST9

Thanks @c_weber, at least I know it must be something in our setup. Our configuration shouldn't have changed during the update but obviously something is wrong. I'll have to log it with our VAR.