SESP Workflow Issue

Hello everyone,


i have an issue regarding SESP workflow. please kindly advise


  • Within sharepoint designer, i have set the workflow and Publish globally


  • I have returned to my SESP, and tried to run workflow an ECR


  • The workflow is not available in SESP Sites


Is anyone here have such an issue? any advises will be very usefull


Thanks & Rgrds



Re: SESP Workflow Issue

Good morning Destian,


First question: What is your "Always_Use_Workflow_Cart" settings? Is it set to yes or no?



Second question: If your setting is "Yes", have you added your new workflow to the "Workflow Carts" document library? If your setting is "No", have you added your new workflow to the "ECR" document library?



Kind regards,


Re: SESP Workflow Issue

Dear Theodore,

Thank you very much for your reply,

Based on my preferences,  the setting is set to "YES"

for your reference, the following is relation browser view

however, my workflow still empty.


Please advise,

Thanks You


Re: SESP Workflow Issue

Hello Destian,


What I actually would like to see is when you go to your "Workflow Carts" library and click on "Workflow Settings". What workflows are added to this library.