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SEU on your mind - another tip to convince

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Convincing your boss, or yourself if you are the boss Smiley Happy is perhaps the most formidable obstacle in making it to SEU.


Take a look at this SEU themed image which is a word cloud shaped in the Solid Edge icon with SEU related words like: Meet, Share, Network, Sessions, Experts, Business, Valuable, Partner, Opportunity, Skills, Innovation, etc.


Put this on your desktop wallpaper [1024x768 size image is attached]:



It will come in handy when your boss is at your desk and the SEU topic can easily be picked up without having to divert attention away from any work related discussion, since the wallpaper is always right in front, along with the date in the top-right corner.


Best luck and see you at SEU 2015.


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~Tushar Suradkar



Re: SEU on your mind - another tip to convince

Cool idea! Hypnotize your Boss!



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‎10-13-2015 04:06 AM

Re: SEU on your mind - another tip to convince

Well thought out.


That looks like Origami art.


When I explain sheet metal design to non-engineers, I refer to it as Origami engineering, or how does one fold sheet metal.

Re: SEU on your mind - another tip to convince

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Thanks Scott.

and nice analogy between origami and PSM Smiley Happy


Are you referring to the Solid Edge icon ?

I did hear some people trying to interpret when it came out first.

But it's similarity to sheetmetal never occurred to me.

I used an online tool to make the word cloud.


~Tushar Suradkar