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SEU15 Follow up; ARE YOU NEW HERE?



If this post caught your eye I'm assuming that you might be new (or new again) here to "OUR" Solid Edge Online Community. I'm glad that you stopped in and I want to encourage you to PLEASE reply to this post and tell us a little bit about yourself.  If you want to know a little more about "us" before you reply I'd invite you to see THIS POST.  Once you have done so, please come back and reply below.


This Community works because of users like you (and me).  Every question asked is of value no matter how simple, abstract, elementary, or advanced.  If you hang out at all, come back and check for answers, and help others by answering posts as well... you will quickly find that there is immense knowledge here and users who are eager to share and help you succeed.  Users like me that are here regularly are here because in part this community contributed to the advanced users we are today.  We want all Solid Edge users to share in this community journey and its collective and your own personal successes.


Feel free to ask just about anything, within a spectrum of relevance of course.  All topics bring benefit.  Some questions don't seek a direct answer but simply spawn dialog around topics or design approaches.  There are many, many ways to approach each design challenge we each face. Every opinion is important, even from (and importantly from) new(er) users!  I learn new or am reminded of fundaments throughout the years from new and newer users who have not yet formed repetitive workflows or picked up bad habits. 


Lastly, YOU have a unique business and set of needs.  Users on this Community have different Businesses and other sets of needs.  No one knows it all, but together, amongst us all, it’s all covered.  Both from within Solid Edge and also in regard to industry specifics. Are you a sheet metal expert, maybe injection molding, Casting, Wire routing, Pressure Vessels, Medical Devices, Woodworking, etc... This is a great place to learn more of these special trades as well... 


So please join us, we are glad you are here.  If you were at Solid Edge University I'm sure you noted many of use mingled and acted like a dysfunctional family reunion... It is... We enjoy getting to know one another here and each other's business and specialties; thereafter meeting in person and sharing together at events like SEU and Local User Groups is always more enjoyable. Welcome!