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yes, BUT


if one side of the cut is locked via a drivign dim or other constraint then the driven dimension of the cut may not drive the cut width.


if the left edge of the cut width dim is the anchor and the right edge is the driven edge it can not move.  also if the dimension is driven symmetric it can not move.


the cut's driven dim can only drive if the right endge was the anchor and the left edge was driven...




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Gears Esteemed Contributor

True enough. This is where sync can get complicated in knowing what the heck is going on. It sort of like having a lot of in-context edits in ordered. You have to dig around and hope the secret is revealed.

Bruce Shand
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That does make since! but since you asked.....I do have another toddler question Smiley LOL


At times (not very often) i will go to move a face in synch and it will want to go twice as far as i need it to "in one direction" i do not have an example at this time or i would attach a screenshot.


Im sure its doing what i have told it to do, but what i usually end up having to do is type in half the overall distance to achieve my total distance. Not sure what i need to do in that situation or what is being done.... 



Nate,  Yes I agree and HATE this one!


This is one of my (if not the) biggest frustrations of sync part editing while in the assy.  I've talked with @ArtPatrick about this and hope development gives us a better solution.


I assume you see this when editing a part's face from the assembly.  The face being edited has a symmetric relation to it at teh part level but the part is assembeled by the opposing face in the assembly.  So when you edit the face and drag it to a keypoint in the assembly it appears to be good, but once you let go of the edit the assy relation updates and then your "real" edit is exposed and shows the 2X edit becasue of the symmetry.


I dont have a good answer... in theroy you should to turn off symmetry live rule and it should behave as expected.  BUT.  I will usually go into the part model and break symmetry in these situation...  not a good answer but it's what I have done.  or as you said, maunaully edit the dim.  Next time this happens Try hitting "S" on the keyboard to disable the symmetric live rule...


@ArtPatrick, help us out here...  any expert suggestion or hope that a new feature or functionality will save us.?



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Hi Matt,


Sorry for the slow reply.


This occurs because the part being modified is symmetric within itself and you get a double distance when you move one side of the symmetric faces.


If the part is placed in the ASM using it's symmetry plane this works like champ. (Pushes parts on both sides as you change it)


If one end is mated/fixed then you get the double distance issue.

  - The Part gets longer by 2X the move distance

   - The ASM moves the part to satisfy the mate so it appears to grow twice as long.


The method I use for this it to turn off Symmetry OR use the edit box to see the distance when I snap to a point and then enter that distance divided by 2 manually.


I run into this and it is something I have been thinking about. (No great solution yet) 







Or, I found this happening in an assembly where I have the same component (structural angle) in an assembly in mulitple locations. In this case the angle is right side up in one location (right corner member) and upside down in another location (left corner member). If I am in the assembly and need to stretch the weldment I usually use a window select and drag. This doubles the distance as well- because I selected the beginning face in one compenent and the end face in the other! Drives me nuts. 


ah, yes..  that would for sure be a PITA!!!