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SSE2 and CPU


Hello, this is about SSE instruction data set of the CPU. I know that parasolid and D-CUBED are optimized for SSE2, but much performance can get ST4 on diferent CPUs? i ask because there is a few versions of SSE2 (as i understand) on every generations of CPU. So, how good is to jump from Core 2 Duo to a Sandy Bridge CPU, focusing in this point??? thank you in advance. Smiley Happy

from URL:

said that Pentium 4 has SSE2, interesting that SE ST4 doesn´t support intel P4

will be a dream when SE converts into multi threading software. can you imagen SE runing on 4 cores!!! or more far away: 256 cuda cores procesing a synchronous move??? wonderful future that the user will have....Smiley Happy