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Hi Guys,


I need some assistance in finding the best tutorial possible that will get me into surfacing. Specifically if I want to draw a canopy like this:


Basically I want the ability to create "thickness" of maybe 2mm so that I can 3D Print at a later date.


There are a lot of so called tutorials out there but find they don't specifically give me the skills I want.


I am proficient in normal parametric stuff within solid edge, although I still prefer the ordered environment over the Synchronous environment.


So i guess if anyone could give me a link to a dummies guide which will get me started I'd greatly appreciate it.





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There is a surfacing book written for 'Works that mostly translates to Edge, just think "bluesurf" everytime "boundary" is referenced, and think "bounded" when you hear "filled surface".  The book is pretty involved, and will give you way more than you need, but you may be able to find an example that fits what you need. I'll let you find it yourself, if you're interested. I think it's only available as an ebook. It's been out of print for a while, but it covers everything Edge can do.


You'll want to work in ordered when using surfacing.


What you're looking to do is pretty simple, but nothing is ever simple. One hint with surfacing is that it's often the best approach to build your shape bigger than you need it, and then trim it back. This is foreign to how you work with solids, because in solids, a lot of that stuff is taken care of for you automatically. The tools we have to make surfaces mostly want to create four-sided patches. If you fight that, you will lose. So make things 4 sided, and trim them back to whatever shape you need.


Best of luck.

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Hmmm, I wonder what the author's name is?

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I'd like to suggest some of my own absolute beginner's tutorials that were written more than 12 years ago when Bluesurf had just arrived on the scene.


There weren't many online resources found easily and the tutorials are an attempt to demonstrate the basic usage and introduce to the various surfacing commands available. The end models don't stellar as the one you showed in the image but the purpose of the tutorials is already stated.


Hope you like them and find it useful, especially if you are new to Solid Edge surfacing.

Here is the link:




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Hi there, many thanks for your input (sorry for the delay).

I've had a little look over the book you recommended and I think I have a general idea of what to do now - think its all about keyboard time and not trying to boil the ocean. Start off small and work up Smiley Happy


Thanks once again

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Thank you - I've had a look at your tutorials and they seem pretty good!

I'm going to start off with the basics and work through them, i'm a visual learner and these are actually simple enough to follow.


Thanks for your input.

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I don't understand what i'm meant to do - i've been following the mouse tutorial you have but get this error in the pictures below. 1st shows my curves, 2nd shows the error from bluedot.

I must be doing something simple wrong?!

I have created them as curves, and clicked convert to curve because as a sketch i can't click them.


Thanks in advance


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Worked it out I think - Used curve again but upped the degrees of freedom.

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Ok This is the actual issue I have.


The geometry looks similar to yours but I don't see how this can be read as too small?


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No idea what the error message is trying to convey. Never seen this before.

Best way is to repeat the tutorial all over again.