ST10 Download Date?

Hello~ Everyone

I know that ST10 will be released in July.
When can I download it? I want to know the date roughly
Is it possible to download the license file at the same time, even if it is available?


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Hi there @Hclee,


I think you answered your own question.......if it's released [RTM] in "July", that's usually when it would be available to download, including licensing.

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Tour de France and ST10 in the same month !!!

What more could a man want. Smiley LOL

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Hi @beachcomber





to be honest:


"There is a lot!"


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@Hclee Release time frame is approximate and dependent on project completion timing and quality metric targets. I believe the target is the end of June but availability often falls over into July and could easily end up in August.


What is new this time around is there will be a single release with all languages included, so if English is not your desired language, you no longer have to wait the additional few weeks after the English version is released for your desired language to release.


Licensing should be available the same time the download is available.


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Re: ST10 Download Date?

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Thank you all for your reply.
I expected ST9 in ST8, but I do not like it because of many bugs.
So wait for ST10.
At least I think it's better than ST9 ...

I hope I can download the license as soon as I release it.
It is July, but I expect it to come out in early July.

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ST9 is definitely the biggest steaming pile of code that Solid Edge has released and probably the first one I would recommend not "upgrading" to.

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I guess it's a case of your milage will vary - I thought ST9 was one of the best releases in a while!

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Hi @Alex_H



I only can and will agree to You!


I don't think that ST9 was a weak release, IMHO it was a strong release with many and big basic changes (data management, interface, functionallity, etc.)

And basic changes will result in basic errors, but they where fixed very soon, I think!



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What you need most in a small business, not a big business
Performance is fast.
The new features are also nice, but if you get slower, you'll pick the fastest one.
It does not use all the features of Edge.
It will be mainly used.

Of course new features are welcome but ...
If it is priority, it is a performance.