ST10 Licensing error


I've just installed ST10 and I keep getting this error FlexNet Licensing Error:-140,148


Can anyone offer any assitance so I can get the software started to do some work?







Betreff: ST10 Licensing error

HI @Redcad2



and You have upgraded Your license to ST10 too?



And this not only for the client but also for the license server?

When You are doing an lmtools.exe on the server checking the available licenses, what is it showing?




Betreff: ST10 Licensing error

Hi Thanks for reply


I have the new license files downloaded. One is in preferences the other in the SE flex folder


Should the Server be changed on the license file to my computer name? Currently it says Server this_host

Betreff: ST10 Licensing error

Hi @Redcad2



of course, You have to change the place holder This_Host to the license server name and the to reread the license file.

This should anable the new licensing correctly.



Betreff: ST10 Licensing error

Still getting the same error message Smiley Sad


Betreff: ST10 Licensing error

[ Edited ]

Did you install the new FleXLM server distributed with ST10?  ST10 requires a newer version of Flex -- the version of Flex used with ST9 will not work with ST10.  If you did not upgrade your Flex software on the license server, then no, your ST10 licensing will not work,  

Betreff: ST10 Licensing error

Still won't work Smiley Sad



Betreff: ST10 Licensing error

I have the same problem and done the exact same thing as I did when upgrading from ST7 to ST8, and ST8 to ST9.


I can't find any new FleXLM server?

Only got the download version and don't see anything that seems to be that on the download page?

Betreff: ST10 Licensing error

The FlexLM software can be found on the ST10 Solid Edge install media under "..\DVD\License Manager".

Betreff: ST10 Licensing error

[ Edited ]

Here a few things we needed to do:

1) In the license file, just below the big box of #Hashtags, you'll see Server this_host 

    a. Replace "this_host" with your server name if running the Flex License Manager on a server.

2) The ST9 (or earlier) License Manager's will not work, therefore install the License Manager that came with ST10.  

    a. When you extract the ST10 install executable, you'll see License Manager as an option to install (see picture below).

    b. You can also install from the License Manager *.msi file from the License Manager folder found after extracting the downloaded install executable file (see below in step 3).

    c. We tested and ST9 will still open/work with the new Flex License Manager and the ST10 license file.

3) After you extract the files form the exucutable install file downloaded, you can also go grab them and place them in a location for everyone else or yourself so they don't need to be extracted every time.  

    a. They are generally in the following location:

C:\Users\username\AppData\Local\Temp - username being you name of the user.  

    b. Look for the most recent modified folder (see picture below)

Brian Fritz
Solid Edge Certified Professional
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