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ST10/MP12 BOM report issues


Just reaching out to see if anyone else encountered issues with bom reports in ST10. So far, none of my dozen other coworkers have found the same issue. I contacted tech support from our seller, and they didn't have much more than remember to run "update active level" before running report.


I can run bom report from top level, and some of my sub-assemblies will not report correct qty or all the parts. I was able to run activate on the top level, and it fixed qty issue last week (should have been 2.0 Ft, report was giving 1 EA). Today, I've found two different projects from last week, and they both had either qty wrong, or part missing. I opened the sub-assemblies in question, they were fine. I ran update active level, update all open documents, and activate of the top levels today, and it didn't resolve. Once I ran show all, it then ran good reports. I've never had this issue before, or had ever heard that you should run updates to get a correct bom report.


Without other users finding the same issues, I'm sort of left alone thus far. I've just run MP12 again, hoping it might fix anything weird, but just a shot in the dark at this point.