ST10 New Features

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Does anyone know what version of Solid Edge ST10 (Foundation, Classic, or Premium) include the new Convergent Modeling, Reverse Engineering, and Generative Design features? I can't find anything on Siemen's website.

David McMahon
Solid Edge ST9, MP8
HP Z2 Mini, Windows 10

Re: ST10 New Features

  • Convergent is in all levels of Solid Edge.
  • Reverse Engineering is in Classic and above.
  • Generative has two flavors.
    • Standard = Visualize the result, but you can't make a convergent model automatically (and some limits on constraint types and such) -- comes in Classic and above.
    • Generative Design Pro is a separately purchaseable add-on to Solid Edge, that creates convergent models directly from the Generative result and has full constraint/load capability. I need to forewarn that it is not cheap -- approx same price as Classic say, but you get what you pay for. This is by far the best generative in industry today.




Dan Staples
Director, Solid Edge Product Development