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Re: ST10 Rotation: Part/Assembly doesn't rotate in real-time!

@SeanCresswell no problems at all.

Understandable. This shouldn't be a problem no longer. We are planning on upgrading our Workstations, and the Testunitcame in yesterday, so i benchmarked the new station with both P2000 and P4000 on the newest drivers, no problems there. In the meanwhile I will roll back on 361.91. Thanks for the help anyway!


@GregLuckett Standard settings, but I've also tried verious other settings like maximum performance instead of saving power. But I haven't tried what Wolfgang said yet, I think that might be the solution.

@Wolfgang_1 Deutsch ist auch okay, vielen Dank!

Das könnte das problem sein, habe das schon mal wo gelesen, aber die Einstellung hab ich gar nicht.. ?

Re: ST10 Rotation: Part/Assembly doesn't rotate in real-time!



Einfach Rechtsklick auf dem Desktop und dann die Nvidia Systemsteuerung anwählen.

Simple, right click at the desktop and than use please the button Nvidia System Settings.

Dann zu den 3D Einstellungen danach weiter mit den Bildern

After this go to 3D settings and than you can follow the posted pictures.





PS sorry have seen it is only at a Laptop not at a Desktop PC.