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ST10 Slow and unresponsive


ST10 Slow and unresponsive


Good day, we are having a lot of difficulty with our computers performance with running ST10. We draw large layout assemblies of factories/plants easily consisting of 3000 up to 80 000 components, but anything from a thousand + parts makes drawing very difficult. The responsiveness of the machine is extremely slow and it is almost like if its is trying to run everything on the CPU instead of GPU. The GPU rarely gets utilised more than 15-30% on windows performance indicator whilst the CPU runs a single threaded process on boost around 4.1Ghz almost constantly while modelling bigger assemblies and complex parts. Selecting and mating planes and edges when placing constraints and making drawings in assembly takes ages. When hovering the cursor over an edge or plane it takes between 3-10 seconds before being highlighted for selection. Zooming in and out is also delayed by 3-5 seconds, and during these delays the resource monitor indicates CPU usage for edge.exe as 16% (100% over thread) and not responding. I usually hide a lot of the items and subassemblies to try and speed things up, but the effect is minimal. Hiding and unhiding also takes time and needs to be checked regularly to prevent interference of parts or assure perfect alignment. For resolving this issue, I have been leaning more to precuring a higher end graphics card like Nvidia P4000 as per the manufacturer recommendation for Solid Edge and not the P600 which they suggest for 2D cad applications. However, the low utilization of the P600 suggests the problem might be somewhere else. One more thing is patterns, not even big ones, about 200 instances of an extruded hole is murdering performce on the machine.


CPU Intel Core i7-7700 @3,6Ghz Quad-core

Gigabyte Q170M-D3H

32GB Ram 2400MHz

Nvidia Quadro P600

SK Hynix 500Gb SSD

Windows 10 Pro

DirectX 12


Application Display - Graphics Card Driven

Arc smoothness – 3

Run as Administrator

Solid Edge MP7 installed


Re: ST10 Slow and unresponsive


I can imagine your frustation. There are a couple of things you can do to improve.


1) Place "Sharpen" (Tab view) on 1 instead of default 2.

2) Make sure "Floor reflections" (Tab view) is off.

3) Make sure "Floor shadow" (Tab view) is off.

4) Make sure "High quality rendering" (Tab view) is off.


You talked about hiding things etc, there are some function to help you with this.

5) You can use "Set Planes" (Tab view) to hide everything between 2 planes. This works better then to hide / show everything. You can easily turn in on and off it's next to the option.

6) You can use "Select parts by size" (Tab home) to select parts based to size and you can decide how far to go. To hide all those small parts like bolt.


7) Don't work on a network drive, your C-Drive is really a lot faster.


I think your videocard is weak compared to the P4000 you talk about, I have it currently and I also have problems with big assembly's. But i have never been over 10.000 parts and i do not have to wait 10 seconds. If you want I can run a test for you if you provide me an assembly and then you know the difference.

The Netherlands

Re: ST10 Slow and unresponsive

Gears Phenom Gears Phenom
Gears Phenom

Hi @WilhelmAugustyn


what I would suggest is to read a few articles:


I am having difficulties with large assemblies too - very often using Zones to decrease computer performance.


They are very helpful.