ST10 is out

Since ST10 is out


Any idea when we can expect the official license to give it go..


Its a very very exciting release... 


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@Jan_Bos ST10 is not yet released.  All the hoopla and press releases you are seeing is pre-release marketing for ST10.  

Re: ST10 is out

Any idea of the release date?

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St9 I have a lot of bugs and I'm suffering from MP0 to MP6.
I am a bit worried about bugs that I can not think of though st10 is waiting for me.
St9 problem should be corrected soon or st10 should come out well or not ..

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As far as I know are bugs reported during release of ST9 are checked and solved in ST10 and if necessary and possible in ST9 maintenance packs.
So ST10 is the “better” version of ST9 MP whatever, when it is released.. I have always updated all workstations on our department on the first day that the new release is in the Siemens server. No need to wait till MP2-3.. never experienced problems.

Could you start a separate topic and list your main “bugs” say your top 10 of bugs and we as forum users could have a look, and help you.

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Re: ST10 is out

Think it was July last year for ST9 so seems a reasonable guesstimate for ST10.


Anyone know if the Illustration tool (seemingly based on Quadrispace) and the CFD tool (FloEfd) are included with SE like Keyshot, or if they're just paid software that integrates well?

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When will ST10 come to Europe?

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Illustration tool (seemingly based on Quadrispace) and the CFD tool (FloEfd) are included with SE like Keyshot


both of these are add-ins...   seperate liscense direct from 3rd Party

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Re: ST10 is out

No such thing as a free lunch I suppose, but would have been nice to have it in SE premium at least, like the full simulation (FEA) package.

Re: ST10 is out

We are targeting the release of Solid Edge ST10 this summer - looking like July.  As with any release, we will release ST10 when it meets the Solid Edge release readiness criteria.


Solid Edge ST10 is the first multilingual release.  All 14 languages will release at the same time.



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