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ST10 takes long time during Step and Iges Conversion. Is there any fine tunning?




We are testing ST10 to implement as Primary Cad Tool and some part of test is convert huge(bigger than 200 Mb) step and iges files. During the test, ST10 takes so long time to convert (more 2 hours to convert a single 200 Mb step file). Another step file (1200 Mb) takes more than 12 hours and does not finish yet.


Is this a normal behavior of ST10 (takes so long to convert)? We tested PTC Creo at same machine with same files and time to convert was much less than ST10.


Is there any fine tunning on ST10 to improve time conversion?





Betreff: ST10 takes long time during Step and Iges Conversion. Is there any fine tunning?

Esteemed Contributor
Esteemed Contributor

HI @rscaetan




Yes I know situations where a translation took a long time.

But what YOu should do anyway prior to translate, is, to set the options accordingly.


There are options for importing, which try to repair and heal the imported geometry.

Trying to repair an import data file with - let me say for example - 10000 single faces (surfaces in it) will - and this is my mind without knowing the program inside details - will analyse any face in connection to any other, and this can be time consuming.


So my advice here always is to Turn Off those options before doing any import.

You can optimize a geometry afterwards if necessary, but You will see it faster.


Also I have seen, that any import works a lot better when doing it from a local - and of course from a SSD drive - rather than any network drive.

Also turn off an antivirus actions for that path.


I also remember secret setting in several INI files to store intermeddiate results on disc and not hold them i nmemory only.


I have in mind from the very first days of CAD, that translating an IGES file (BTW who is using IGES those days) will consume at least a 10 time memory of what the IGES file itself is in size.

Maybe this is not that importat nowadays but maybe YOu are short in memory and short in free disc space this could be a problem too.


But in fact a more detailed info only could be given by a developer only.