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ST3 or ST4 free 2d

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I had free 2D ST4 on an old computer and got a new one. Does anyone know if there is a place to get installation file for ST4? I still use XP operating system and ST5 , the nest version is teh only one Siemans will allow to download. It will only run on Vista or higher

Re: ST3 or ST4 free 2d

Siemens Phenom Siemens Phenom
Siemens Phenom
Did you read the post at the top of the list that says "Windows XP Support - PLEASE READ THIS".
You will find answers there. Once you install, you will need to update the license. The lisense in the ST4 download is already out of date. We do not update the downloads. When you run the software it will tell you that the license has expired and will point you back to the Free 2D web site. Follow the directions there to get the update for the license. Make sure you select the link for ST4 and before.

Rick B.