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ST4 2D problems creating views from the 2D model


When I try to create a circular detail view, or a recangular one, it does not matter, it prompts me to click on the center. I can click all day, and it still continues to ask "click to the center point".


When I try to use the detailed modeling command, it permits me to click for the first point, but never responds to the 2nd point. I remain stuck and the "cancel 2D model view" does not work. The only way I have found to get out if this is to close the drawing.


It seems there is something generic about problems creating views from the 2D model.


I can't upgrade my laptop which I use for this software beyong Windows XP Pro SP3. I don't have a laptop than runs any newer OS. So far, I wish I had stayed with ST2, which has been working fine for me.


Re: ST4 2D problems creating views from the 2D model

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I don't normally work with 2D models, but I tried to replicate your issue.  Using ST4 MP7 I created a 2D model with just a few lines.  I then switched back to sheet 1, and placed a 2D model view. I was able to place detail views on sheet 1.  


I did notice that if I click too far outside the view, the input for the center of the circle is not accepted.  If you need to center your detail outside the view, you might need to start the detail centered inside the view, and then move the source bubble to the desired postition.


If you start with a blank draft, and follow these steps do you still have a problem?  I tried using some of the detail view options, but those seemed to work correctly.  What MP of ST4 are you using?  




Re: ST4 2D problems creating views from the 2D model


I have figured out most of the solution. I could not find the 2D model command, and the Detail command, the help was not very helpful in telling me where these were. Eventually I used the customize, while in 2D model tab, and assigned these to function keys. I then tried to use the 2D model command while on the 2D model tab, and had the problem. When I tried this one the working shhet 1 tab, the function key did nothing, so I assumed this was not the view to start from. Eventually I foiund something in the help that told me to look on the tables tab, and there were the two icons I had been looking for. (Later I deduced that the keyboard shortcuts were not applied to a working view, and so I deduced incorrectly that they were not to be used on working views.)


Now from the working views, I could get the 2D model command to do something useful.


On the Details command, I found out that this required you to use it on a working view, and it does not function on a 2D model view. Since I was not able to make a working view of my data until now, I had not tried it on the working view. Now that does work. 


My wish is that you could deposit the details on another working sheet. I conclude I can do that for circular views, and I have to do it with the 2D model command instead.


I also find the scaling to be counter-intuatve relative to the sheet size, and yet another arcane view scaling option from properties actually scales it relative to the page. The sheet scaling does something else completly different. I still can't make it do something useful.


I find the help very unhelpful as it never tells you where to find commands and wizzards it mentions.


In conclusion, I now can move forward, and am partly satisfied. 



Re: ST4 2D problems creating views from the 2D model

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You can search for commands with Comannd Seach at th bottom of the Solid Edge Window