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ST4/V19 Questions from New User

I used V19 at work for many years and had the free version at home, it doesn't work now. 1. I just got the new free2d ST4 and am looking for the icon for my desktop. Microsoft put a dummy icon there, and I want to change it to the solidedge icon. Where is it?
2. Should I use Add/Remove Programs in my Control Panel and get rid of the V19 program or does it need to be there for some reason?
3. I tried to add an Avatar to my profile, it said "not authorized". Is that true?
The down load worked fine so far on my Windows XP release 3. Thank you.

Re: ST4/V19 Questions from New User

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Siemens Phenom
First of all I am supprised that you could install ST4 with V19 installed. It should have told you that you needed to remove the existing version (V19).

If you want a desktop icon to run 2D Drafting on Win7 simply click on the Start button at the bottom left of your display. Expand your programs until you can see Solid Edge 2D Drafting. Simply click and drag Solid Edge 2D Drafting out of the list and onto your display.

Rick B.